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The New Green Monster Bowl is taking over the internet

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Have you ever heard of the Green Monster?

No, I'm not talking about the energy drink that is filled with taurine and caffeine.

I'm talking about the smoothest hitting glass bowl you will ever use. Yeah, I said it THE SMOOTHEST...

Not only are you gonna save your lungs from those harsh Swisher Sweats or the infamous BackWoods. You are gonna save the money in your pockets and the less money spent = the more trees to be smoked.

Here are some of the reviews the Green Monster has.

  • Awesome one of a kind piece I received this glass piece just 3 days after ordering is definitely a hot top of discussion when I have company over

  • My brother loved it for his birthday. Thanks for the discount code :)  

The Green Monster" isn't just a wall in Fenway Park, it's also an awesome sherlock! This green horned sherlock style glass pipe is made of high quality, thick glass. Not only does it have a nice, smooth draw, but it's also a killer conversation piece on your coffee table. Evoking a dragon-style feel, it's perfect for smoking during a Game of Thrones marathon.

The green monster bowl is one of the best bowls I have ever smoked out of compared to the PINK AND ORANGE TRANSPARENT SPOONYou will definitely feel a smoother throat hit and a more sturdy feeling in the grip of your hand. 


On the flip side if you are looking for a bowl on the lower end of the price chart I highly recommend going with the  TRANSPARENT SPOON.

This translucent pinkish-orange pipe has a unique "bubbly" glass texture, and is a huge steal at this bargain price!

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